Synlogic’s Research for Kidney Health

If you have had bariatric surgery, you may later find yourself experiencing painful recurring kidney stones. That’s why we’re building a body of research to find potential new treatment options for you.
Synlogic is conducting a phase 1 clinical research study to evaluate the potential new treatment option for hyperoxaluria (HOX), a condition that can cause kidney stones and kidney disease in some people following bariatric surgery.

A potential oral treatment to treat HOX after bariatric surgery

Enrolling participants 18–74 who have had bariatric surgery more than one year ago

Participant may or may not have had kidney stones

All participants will receive the study drug during the study

Study participants have the option to participate either at a study clinic or at a remote location such as their home with a home health professional

Share this with your doctor to see if the SYNHOX Study may be right for you.